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Obsessive healthy packing tips

I spent months covering my self in deet insect repellent and cheap sunscreen everyday when I traveled through SEA a year ago, and it's just awful. Having nicer, organic products that don't hate your skin when you are traveling is well worth it. These are just a few of the products I use to feel not like a chemical wasteland while on the road.

From left to right:

Natural bug spray (yes it still keeps the bugs off!)

Lavender salve (I get this from a local lavender lady, but coconut oil works good too)

Essentials oil (peppermint is my favorite, keeps you feeling and smelling clean) definitely go smell these for yourself though.

I know this is a little weird, but I just can't live without my superfood powders! I re-package everything to 3.4 oz. containers and sprinkle them in all kinds of foods, teas, and smoothies for an extra boost!

From left to right:

Chia seeds, spirulina and Maca powder

Benefits include:

High in Omega-3 fatty acids

Good source of protein (for a plant)

High in fiber

Extremely high in nutrients

Can lower your cholesterol

Can help remove toxins and boost your immune system

Boost to your libido and increases endurance Increase energy levels

Helps balance mood

Ditch the airplane food and get off the plane feeling energized and ready with these three superfood snacks.

From left to right:

Golden berries, goji berries, and medjool dates

Benefits include:

Golden berries:

High in antioxidants

Anti-Inflammatory effects (good for muscle aches, arthritis etc.)

Liver, Kidney, and Organ Health (to counterbalance those airport martinis of course)

Goji berries:

High in antioxidants

Natural aphrodisiac

High in nutrients

Medjool Dates:

Rich in fiber

High in potassium (great for energy)

Gets rid of sugar cravings (an overall great substitution for anything dessert)

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