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Recap: It's been a gypsy summer

It's been a hectic few months, and if you know me well, I've probably crashed on your couch, floor or bed. Playing house in SoCal didn't work out as I planned, and when I no longer knew where to call home, I realized nowhere felt more like home than the road.

I've been going full digital nomad for a few months now... Driving on three different western road trips, one cross country road trip, two different treks to NYC , AND burning man- all while dragging my laptop along with me. Phew! I should be exhausted but my feet are itchier than ever. I've finally erased all of my gypsy paper trails here, and its time to flee the country again. I've started this blog to share my stories, inspire, and see what mild travel advice I can provide on being a self-taught digital nomad.

Just a few from this summer:

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