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How to pack for an indefinite amount of unexpected adventures

I have roughly planned for four different continents of travel for the next 15 months, and after that I’m not too sure what I will be doing. I need to be as prepared as possible for anything. So what goes in the bag?

The bag itself:

-Osprey sojourn 25” 60L (awesome because it has wheels as well)

-Incase laptop backpack


1 Raincoat

1 Hoodie

1 Nicer sweater

2 Pair Yoga pants

2 Pair regular Pants

1 Pair of casual shorts

1 Pair workout-ish shorts

1 Dress

4 T-shirts

4 Tank tops

1 Nice blouse

1 Long sleeve

1 Beanie hat

1 Pair of flip-flops

1 Pair of nicer walking sandals

1 Pair of Sneakers

6 Pairs Socks

Lots of underwear

2 Sports bras

2 Regular bras

1 Big infinity Scarf (extremely versatile)

3 Bikinis

1 Pair of sunglasses

Toilet trees:


Travel Towel

Organic aluminum free Deodorant


Shampoo + conditioner

Lavender soap bar

Make up bag

Face wipes

Toothbrush, toothpaste

Nail clipper


Health/first aid:


Vitamin c

Maca powder, chia seeds, spirulina (see more about extreme healthy packing here)

Chap stick


Benadryl (for sleeping)

All natural Sunscreen

Organic insect repellent

Serious DEET insect repellent


Antibacterial cream

Doctor-prescribed antibiotics


Hand sanitizer

Peppermint oil

Lavender coconut salve



2 Universal adapters


iPhone charger


Laptop charger

Waterproof lap top case


Small Wacom tablet + pen


Refillable water bottle


Duct tape (you will find a use for this somehow, trust me)

Sleeping bag liner

Pac safe (I lock my stuff up everywhere)

Combination lock

Day Purse

Emergency glitter

Notebook + pens

Gallon size zip lock bags

Travel Yoga mat

Folder for important documents: copy of passport, extra passport photos, copy of travel insurance documents

Did I forget anything?!

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