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My number one piece of advice for staying fit and healthy on the road:

My number one piece of advice for staying fit on the road??? Don't worry; I'm not going to make you read five paragraphs of research to tell you. I'm going give it to you straight. The secret is, you have to:


Forearm planking in the hostel main room?

Sneaking chia seeds in your morning muesli when you think no one is looking?

A quick half pigeon stretch in the airport?

All of these things are granted to get you some weird looks, but it's truly the only way. The weirdest part about traveling alone is that you are never alone, and need to get comfortable being your natural self in public. It gets easier the more you do it, and if you ask me, weird is wonderful!

Maybe this can even be a way to make new friends, and have others join in your work out weirdness to create a group workout. After all, we have to burn off those margaritas somehow!

How do you get weird to workout?! I'd love to gather even more weird workout tips to share!

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