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Yoga Teacher Training in Guatemala

There won’t be a combination of words to properly explain my experience at the Mystical Yoga farm, but I’ll give the best description I can!

To arrive at the farm, you have to take a small boat, and it’s a plot of land completely secluded from the rest of the lake. This means no wifi, no coffee, and no contact with anything in the outside world for three full weeks. It was pure magic though! Hammocks sprinkle every corner of the stone walk up a hill where Mystical domes, homey bungalows and tree house yoga studios make up a pure hippy paradise.

Three beautiful vegetarian meals are served daily, buffet style and we eat on floor tables with the rest of the farm community. In fact, there isn’t a chair to be found on the entire farm. Shoes and showers also seemed to become a thing of the past.

The days start with mandatory 5:30 AM morning mediation on a dock facing the lake, which is surrounded by volcanoes. Next is yoga and lecture classes up until after dinner, where we have a nightly “satsang”, a vibrant drum circle in which everyone participates their hearts out.

As if this rigid schedule doesn’t sound blissful enough, the best part was the community and people that came for the teacher training. 20-something people almost all my age, almost all girls and almost all nomadic travelers in the middle of making big changes with their lives. I’ve never met so many like-minded people in one place, going through my same exact story. Our conversations about superfoods, traveling, yoga and future alternative work-life opportunities in other industries were endless. We all instantly connected and by the end of the program we all knew we would be bonded for life.

So I’m technically officially yoga teacher certified, but walked away from this mystical farm with a whole new outlook for life, community and self-growth.

I miss all of my new friends already! <3

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