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Little Corn! Take me back!

Little Corn:

The more I travel, the more I find running a design business, being my own travel agent, and being a travel blogger is becoming a bit much (not to mention trying to enjoy where I am). Bear with me while I find the balance of the three. For now, a streamlined version of where I've been scoping out.


Less traveled Caribbean paradise. Catch it while you still can! Not only is this place blowing up on travel blogs, its beach is disappearing as the ocean rises to it's adorable restaurants and beach shacks.


Disderi has the best wifi, but won't let you charge your laptop for long. You are better off with the friendly faces at Tranquillo’s!


There is a bagel lady behind Tranquillo’s that bakes muffins, banana bread and bagels daily. You have to get there early or she runs out! Definitely not to a NY'ers standards, but beggars cant be choosers.


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