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San Juan (again), Nicaragua

San Juan Del Sur:

My second time visiting San Juan del Sur, this time for a weekend long acro-yoga intensive workshop. This town is full of expats and travelers of all kinds. I met a really nice crew of people and it was a tough place to leave!


A once fishermen village turned into a party backpacker town. With a bar on every corner, this place is a dangerous vortex that can get difficult to leave. With that said, its about a 20 minute shuttle ride to the nearest surf beach, which has more serious surfers bailing.


Wifi is easy to find anywhere in town. It will probably work the best at your accommodation though. I stayed at Casa Oro's and it worked fine.


Simon says: Hippy hangout with decent priced smoothies! Wifi works decently if you sit towards the front of the restaurant.

Cafe Negro: This place has amazing superfood smoothies and healthy options, however, the wifi NEVER works. It's super comfy inside and nice to read a book with new friends.

Mercado: Cheapest place to eat in town. You can also buy fresh produce here to make your own food, if that's your thing. No wifi.

I met a super weird and cool Canadian guy that brings his Yerba Mate everywhere! Little did I know this would be perfect preparation for what awaits in Uruguay!

San Juan del Sur beach Jesus.

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