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7 Things I’ve learned in 7 months in Latin America

​As I embark on my trip to Europe today, I can't help reflect on the time I spent and what I've learned traveling around Latin America.

  • Surprisingly not enough Spanish. I put in a good effort at first, but turns out my pantomiming skills are top notch.

  • We are all very different. Traveling with yogi hippy nomads and traveling with corporate digital nomads is a startling contrast. One leaves you feeling inner peace and one leaves you with turrets.

  • Nutrition and fitness is REALLY hard and even more important if you are going to live a life of no routine and delicious temptation. It’s amazing how your energy levels are altered when you feel healthy.

  • No life is more significant than another and the grass is always greener. I don’t think because I travel that my life is any better than someone my age that has a house and three kids. We all choose our paths and happiness is personal.

  • Happiness is also just a state of consciousness. While going to a new exciting place can put a Band-Aid on a problem, it’s a temporary fix. Having strategic happiness values even in a life of travel is a necessary practice.

  • Ignorance is bliss. After spending so much time in developing countries, seeing people happy with so little is eye opening. However, I’ve come to terms that my western education and upbringing while giving me so much, will not give me simplicity.

  • Not having expectations for people and things will ultimately result in a happier way of living and accepting of humanity. I find when I have no expectations I’m in a constant state of being pleasantly surprised.

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